Friday, July 15, 2011

Hiccups and Snuggles

I absolutely love it when God teaches me things about my relationship with Him through my relationship with my own children. He did just that very thing for me earlier this week. My three year old, Madigan, is one of those little girls that "hits the floor running" every morning. She comes out of her room with a wide, goofy grin on her face every morning and she's a whirlwind of energy from that point on. Gone are the days of rocking her to sleep, holding her on my lap and kissing her chubby cheeks. She's potty trained now. She can get herself dressed. She can feed herself, climb the stairs on her own. From this sad mother's point of view, it's as if she doesn't need me anymore.

But one morning this week, Madigan woke up, ran around the house, ate her breakfast, played with her older brothers and sisters, and announced to me that she wanted to get dressed. As I pulled her clothes out of her drawer, I prepared myself for her usual declaration of "I do it myself, Momma"... but instead, she let me help her. With shirt and shorts on and sandals buckled she climbed up into my lap, but her head on my shoulder, and just snuggled in. I tell you, this momma soaked up every precious second of her tender hugs. Then the sweetest thing happened... she began to hiccup. My heart flooded with the memories of the hiccups she had while I still carried her inside of me. Oh, how I long for those days! How I miss having my baby snuggled right under my heart where she belongs.

As I swayed back and forth with my baby laying against my chest, I heard God gently whisper to my heart, "You are MY child... and I long for the days that you snuggle in next to ME. I miss you when you think you don't need me. But oh how My heart melts when you draw near to me."

The Creator of the universe loves us with the intimate love of a Father. Are you drawing near to Him? Are you snuggled in closely underneath His heart? Can you even fathom how much He yearns for you? It's hard for my mind to accept the fact that my Abba Daddy God loves me... a sinner... even more than I love my own children... but He does. Draw near to Him. Let Him hold you. Bless the heart of your Creator with your hiccups and snuggles.

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  1. Hi Heather, this is Jay's Mom......I really enjoyed reading your blog......and yes they grow up so fast, enjoy it while you can.


    (I am not sure if you guys call him Jay or John, but all the same I am his mom!!)

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