Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Dear Amy R...

Dear "Amy R",

I received the comment that you left on one of my previous blog entries. Since you only signed your letter "Amy R" and your profile does not give any information about who you are, I can only assume that "Amy R" is a ficticious name.  As I read the vicious remarks that you made about my husband and his past, my heart broke for you. Amy, there is nothing that you can say about my husband's past that I do not already know. My husband's past is just that - it's his past. I'm sorry that you do not know the man that I know- the man who has been saved by grace, the man who glorifies God for redeeming his past and guiding his future. Bob Tabers needs no defense. He fights his own battles. But since you chose to publicly attack him on my blog, I feel the need to share with you, and the rest of my readers, what an amazing, devoted, godly husband and father he is now. It saddens me that you don't know that. But what saddens me more is the bitterness and anger that dripped from your words. Please know that I am praying for you, Amy R, whoever you are. I am praying that God will also redeem your past. I am praying that you will know God as your loving Savior and that you will surrender your heart and your life to Him so that you, too, will know the peace that passes all understanding.

In the future, if you have personal comments that you feel you must make to get off of your chest, feel free to email me at heathertabers@yahoo.com.
God bless you.