Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Date Night

I love date night. There's nothing more special to me than dressing up, leaving the kids and the dirty dishes behind, and going out to dinner with my husband. It makes our marriage feel fresh and new and it's as if we fall in love all over again. We put on our best clothes, we go to a nice restaurant, we eat like civilized human beings... it's the opposite of the world of chicken nuggets and blue jeans and cleaning up spills that we live in every day. We give each other our best and we enjoy this precious alone time... together. I love date night. I crave this time. I put it on the calendar and circle it with a big red heart. How much more does God want a date night with each of us? He loves us in our every day world. He still persues us when we've forgotten Him. He still longs for us when we're angry with Him. He still has compassion for us when we cry out to Him. But when is the last time we gave Him our best? When is the last time we set time aside just to lavish our love upon Him? Our King loves us with an unconditional love. So ladies, it's time to fall in love with Jesus all over again.